Grateful Dawg

Two of my biggest influences are Jerry Garcia & David Grisman. The whole concept of the tune “Grateful Dawg” is perfect to me as it captures the spirit of the Grateful Dead & Garcia’s unique style of guitar playing and Grisman’s “Dawg” gypsy jazz kind of style. It is impossible to categorize or brand either’s style of playing as they both explored and created so many styles and varieties of music. There is definitely a certain feeling to the tune Grateful Dawg, the way that it kicks from the minor gypsy feel (a) part to the major bright change (b) part and the weaving of the instruments back and forth that makes it never get old to listen to (and play), at least speaking for myself…..

“I like all the kinds of music I’ve been into. I’m certainly not a purist in that I will only play country licks in a country song or blues licks in blues stuff. The thing I would like to be able to do is to make the music sound right no matter what it is. If somebody else wants to have a label for it, then that’s their business.”

– Jerry Garcia
Our Daughter Grace & David Grisman – Suwannee Springfest 2008

Both of these musicians are absolute anchors in my personal musical journey! I actually started playing mandolin after seeing the David Grisman Quintet in Truckee, CA back in 1997. The show was unreal, David Lindley opened that show and was also an incredible performer and also had a very unique and original style of his own. I was captivated in how unbelievably tight that Grisman’s band was and how the mandolin spoke to me. I immediately got a mandolin a week later after getting back to Colorado where I was living in a VW bus at the time. I was playing my instruments at least 10 hrs a day, and more so on my newfound passion for the mandolin. I was absolutely addicted to learning the instrument! I got the Garcia/Grisman album “Shady Grove” and learned it note for note on both guitar and mandolin and that was the beginning of my mandolin journey. Crazy to think that 24 years have gone by already!

Quick Video of Guitar/Mandolin Parts on Grateful Dawg

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