Achill Crossing – New Song Release

We have released another song that will be on our upcoming album which is projected to be out by early March. This recording of “I’m a Man You Don’t Meet Everyday” reflects one of the things we miss most from the road. The chats in the pubs with strangers telling their stories and sharing memories from their past. We have met so many great people in our journeys and have been able to make so many friends all of the place, but for now there is no better time to be in the studio than now with a foot of snow on the ground and being unable to perform live these days!

I’m a Man You Don’t Meet Every Day” is a traditional Scottish or Irish Music Hall song[written from the point of view of a rich landowner telling the story of his day while buying drinks at a public house.

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The full album will be a collection of both traditional & original Irish songs and will be Achill Crossing’s first official release. There are other tracks on our bandcamp page as well you can hear and support by making a donation or sharing with a friend! We are enjoying being able to spend our time together creatively and to get back in the studio. We hope everyone is well and safe out there and that we get back to performing live again soon!!!

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